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Victory Venkatesh was born on December 13, 1960 at Karamchedu in Prakasam district. He is the second son of the producer Dr.D.Rama Naidu and brother of producer Suresh Babu. He is married to Neeraja and has a son Arjun Ramnath and three daughters, Aashritha, Hayavahini and Bhavana.
Venkatesh took to acting after obtaining an M B A in the U.S. He made his debut with the film Kaliyuga Pandavulu in 1986. He received Nandi Award of best debutant actor for this film. He also received Nandi Awards for best actor for the films Swarnakamalam, Prema, Dharmachakram, Ganesh, and Kalisundham Raa. Some of the hit pictures of Venkatesh include Bobbili Raja, Prema, Varasudochadu, Shatruvu, Chanti, Preminchukundam Raa, Kalisundam Raa etc. His latest film released is Aduvari Matalaku Arthale Verule and another film Tulasi is under production

Daggubati Venkatesh is an Indian film actor who stars in Tollywood films. He is the son of veteran Tollywood producer D. Rama Naidu. He is popularly known as Victory Venkatesh in Tollywood.Venkatesh also known as "Victory Venkatesh" graduated with an MBA degree from Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA. After his return to India, he wanted to get into production. He became an actor in telugu films. His father, D. Rama Naidu and his brother D.Suresh Babu successfully runs one of the most prestigious banners in Telugu Cinema, Suresh Productions. He is married to Neeraja(Madanapalle,Chittoor District) and has a son Arjun Ramnath(6) and three daughters, Aashritha(19), Hayavahini(14) and Bhavana(8).He is won of the family heroes of telugu film industry.
Venkatesh debuted through Kaliyuga Pandavulu in the year 1986. The movie was not only a hit but also got him his first Nandi award, which is a rare accomplishment for an actor who has just completed his debut film. At an early phase of his career, Venkatesh got to work with Kasinadhuni Viswanath, who is considered a great classical director. Just two years old as an actor, Venkatesh acted in Swarnakamalam directed by Kasinadhuni Viswanath. The movie got him his second Nandi. Varasudochadu, released in the same year, was another trophy. After a few flops, he got a break in the form of Bobbili Raja. Added to the name and performance of Venkatesh was delightful Divya Bharati, good comedy and melodious music. Bobbili Raja was a musical hit and also entertained audience from all sections because of it's ingredients. In Shathruvu, Venkatesh played angry young lawyer who takes law into his hands after failing to fight the corruption through the court. Venkatesh has also worked with famed Bollywood director (originally Telugu) Ram Gopal Varma in the film Kshana Kshanam, which was a huge success at the box office[citation needed]. Chanti, a remake of Tamil movie Chinna Tambi, happened in 1991. Chanti was definitely a challenging project for Venkatesh. Chanti was a box office hit and Venkatesh's career benefitted hugely by it. Starting with Chanti, he went for continuous remakes - that got him branded as a "remake actor". Anari was the remake of Chanti in Bollywood's Hindi cinema. Venkatesh started becoming a family hero and turned out a huge fan following among women. Venkatesh has acted in a lot of blockbusters. His recent film, Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule is a hit.

* 1986, Nandi Award for Best Male Debut, Kaliyuga Pandavulu
* 1986, Kinnera Award for Best Actor, Kaliyuga Pandavulu
* 1988, Kinnera Award for Best Actor, Brahma Putrudu
* 1988, Nandi Award for Best Actor, Swarnakamalam
* 1989, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu), Prema
* 1989, Nandi Award for Best Actor, Prema* 1991, Madras Filmfans Award for Best Actor, Coolie No.1
* 1991, Cinegoers Award for Best Actor, Coolie No.1
* 1991, Bagyanagar Award for Best Actor, Shatruvu
* 1992, Cinegoers Award for Best Actor, Sundarakanda
* 1992, Yuvavahini Award for Best Actor, Sundarakanda
* 1993, Cinegoers Award for Best Performance, Abbai Garu
* 1993, Kalasagar Award for Best Actor, Abbai Garu
* 1996, Vamsee Berkley Award for Best Actor, Dharma Chakram
* 1996, Kalasagar Award for Best Actor, Dharma Chakram
* 1996, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu), Dharma Chakram
* 1996, Nandi Award for Best Actor, Dharma Chakram
* 1998, Kinnera Award for Best Actor, Ganesh
* 1998, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu), Ganesh
* 1998, Nandi Award for Best Actor, Ganesh
* 2000, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu), Jayam Manade Raa
* 2000, Nandi Award for Best Actor, Kalisundam Raa
* 2006, Santosham Best Actor Award, Sankranthi
* 2008, Best ActorAward, Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule

He began his career as a student rebel with Kaliyuga Paandavulu many moons ago. At a time when Chiranjeevi’s action films and peer Nagarjuna’s style flicks were becoming a rage, Venkatesh gave one super hit after another, in stories that were remakes from Tamil (Chanti, Chinna Raayudu were both remade from Chinna Thambi and Chinna Gounder).His victory in later years found its safety net in remakes from family subjects and soft romances, and it was only with Gharshana - the remake of Kakka Kakka, that Venki, found himself batting a second innings that was to be as charming as the super star himself! Right now, Venki is the most bankable star in Telugu. Though relying more on remakes, Venki has never stuck to doing just one type of role and toys between romance, drama and action and voila - he gave a hat trick spate of hits these last three years in Lakshmi, Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule and Tulasi.
His lucky mascot in Lakshmi and Tulasi was the lovely Nayantara and anyone who saw Aadavari…would vouch for Venki’s timing in the comedy scenes, specially his tone of delivering his lines has much to do with the film’s success in Telugu! This Viveknanda College graduate from Chennai is as fluent in Tamil as he is in Telugu.
Touted as a producer’s hero, Venki’s movies are always made well within budgets! Venki’s latest film is Chintakalaya Ravi and here the actor has glamour queens Anushka and Mamta Mohandas to match him in his duets and histrionics.
*2009Marma Yogi
*2008Chintakayala Ravi Ravi
*2007Tulasi Tulasi Ram Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule Ganesh
*2006 Lalshmi Lakshmi Narayana
*2005 Subhas Chandra Bose Ashok/Subash Chandra Bose
*2004 Sankranthi Raghavendra Winner, Santosham Best Actor AwardNomination, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu)Soggadu Cameo
*2004 Gharshana DCP Rama ChandraMalliswari Prasad
*2003 Vasantham Ashok
*2002 Gemini GeminiVasu Vasu
*2001 Nuvvu Naaku Nachav Venkateswarlu aka "Venky"Prematho Raa Chandra SekharDevi Putrudu Krishna/Balaram
*2000 Jayam Manade Raa Abhiram/Rudrama Naidu/Mahadeva Naidu Winner, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu)Kalisundam Raa Raghu Winner, Nandi Award for Best Actor
*1999 Seenu SeenuRaja Raja
*1998 Premante Idera MuraliGanesh Ganesh Winner, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu)Surya Vamsham Harischandra Prasad/Bhanu
*1997 Pellichesukondam AnandPremichukondam Raa GiriChinnabbai Chinnabbai alias Sundaram
*1996 Pavithra Bhandam VijaySarada Bullodu VijayIntlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu SriramSahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya Ravi ChandraDharma Chakram Rakesh Winner, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu)
*1995 Takdheervala HindiPokiri Raja Balaraj Raja
*1994 Muddula Priyudu RajuSuper Police Vijay
*1993 Abbaigaru Dora BabuKondapalli Raja Anari Hindi
*1992 Sundarakanda VenkateswarluChinarayudu ChinarayuduChanti Chanti
*1991 Kshana Kshanam ChanduSuyra IPS SuryaCoolie No.1 Raju alias BharathShatruvu Ashok
*1990 Bobbili Raja RajaAggi Ramudu
*1989 Two Town Rowdy ShakthiDhruva Naksthram Dhruva KumarOntari PoratamPrema Pruthvi Winner, Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu)
*1988Varasudochadu RaghuSwarna Kamalam ChandraBrahma PutruduRaktha Tilakam
*1987 Sreenivasa Kalyanam SrinivasVijetha Vikram VikramTrimurthuluBharatamlo ArjunuduAjeyudu Murali
*1986 Brahma Rudrulu PrasadKaliyuga Pandavulu Vijay



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